1.1 An event consists of a Preliminary Round and a Final Round.
1.2 The Preliminary Round is composed of races (except Race 1) based on the score from the previous race so as to maintain heats containing boats of mixed ability. In Final Round the boats are put in heats according to their total scores from the Preliminary Round. The boats with the lowest scores in Final Round heat A (gold) and so on into Second Round heats B (silver), C (bronze) etc. To the end of event boats shall stay in that heats.
1.3 Number of races in the Preliminary Round and Final Round shall be stated in sailing instructions.


2.1 The number of heats shall be as few as possible.
2.2 The number of boats in each heat shall be approximately equal. First extra boat goes into heat A, the next into heat B and so on.


3.1 For first race in the Preliminary Round, boats shall be divided using relevant ranking list. If no ranking is known form some boats following may be added to the ranking list: Boats shall be sorted according to their national letters, and within national letters according to their sail numbers. The seeding of the boats in appropriate heat will be done by awarding the heats to sorted list as follows. A, B, C, D, A, B, C, D…
3.2 Composition of the second and following races in the Preliminary Round shall be based on previous race results as shown in table bellow, where the letter refers to the previous heat, and the number the boat’s place in previous heat.

2 heats
Heat A Heat B
A1 B1
B2 A2
A3 B3
B4 A4
A5 B5
B6 A6
A7 B7
B8 A8
A9 B9
B10 A10
A11 B11
B12 A12
A13 B13
B14 A14
A15 B15



3 heats
Heat A Heat B Heat C
A1 B1 C1
B2 C2 A2
C3 A3 B3
A4 B4 C4
B5 C5 A5
C6 A6 B6
A7 B7 C7
B8 C8 A8
C9 A9 B9
A10 B10 C10
B11 C11 A11
C12 A12 B12
A13 B13 C13
B14 C14 A14
C15 A15 B15

Same principle should be used for more heats or more boats in a heat.


After all races in Preliminary Round, temporary overall results will be produced based on which boats will qualify for heats in Final Round.

For example: In an event with 53 boats, heats will be composed of 14(A), 13(B), 13(C), 13(D). After the Preliminary Round, boats placed 1 - 14 will be placed and will stay in heat A, those placed 15 - 27 in heat B, those placed 28 - 40 in heat C, and those placed 41 - 53 in heat D. Thus, in the Final Round, boats in heat A will compete for places 1 - 14,  those in heat B for places 15 - 27,  those in C for places 28 - 40, and  those in  heat D for places 41 - 53.

Note: Scoring is the same for all heats. This means that a boat in Final Round heat B at the end of the event can have fewer points than another in heat A, but as per above the boat in final heat B cannot be placed above 15th place.


5.1 RRS Appendix A Low Point Scoring system shall apply for all races (preliminary and finals) subject to 5.2 and 5.3 bellow.
5.2 Boats recorded as DNF, RAF, OCS, DNS, DNC, BFD, DSQ, DNE or DGM in Preliminary Round shall be placed in this order at the bottom of their heat. Should more boats score same place they will be placed according to the alphabetical order of national letter and sail number.
5.3 When the total score is calculated for each boat, discards will be permitted separately for Preliminary and Final Round as follows:

After 4 races have been completed    1 Discard
After 8 races have been completed    2 Discard
After 16 races have been completed    3 Discard
After 24 races have been completed    4 Discard

and so on every further eight races completed.

For example: In event with 18 Races composed of 6 races in Preliminary Round and 12 races in Final Round, 1 out of 6 races may be discarded in the Preliminary Round and 2 out of 12 races may be discarded in the Final Round.


January, 17th 2018.